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The Fridge
Fantasy Gals
Uma lends herself a hand
Although Uma's anatomy
makes it a bitch to find blouses,
it comes in handy
on those lonely nights...

Kitty's finally getting the hang
of this morphing thing...

Milla takes Manhattan
Milla can't decide
between the Chrysler Building
and the Empire State...

Nina's stripes tease
Needless to say,
Nina wouldn't look good in plaid...

Xarrna and her Ex-es
Xarrna and her Ex-es.

Glenda rides the breeze
Glenda got tired
of always being the Good witch...

Lynette is ready to howl
When the Moon is full,
Lynette likes it doggy-style...

Ilse comes down the aisle
Fortunately for Ilse
(and her love Monster),
Dr. F. was not only a mad scientist,
but also a damn fine
cosmetic surgeon...

Lilith pours it on
Being Queen of the Damned
has a lot of perks,
but feeding her subjects
is Lilith's favorite...

Amanda gets away
If the bait had been a little bigger,
Amanda would have swallowed it
hook, line, and sinker...

Djinnii is smokin'...
Djinnii doesn't mind
being inside her bottle,
but she REALLY enjoys it
the other way around...

Megan opens wide
just can't get enough nectar...

Dear Centra
Centra's ready to ride...

Guardian Anjii
You've nothing to fear
when Anjii's your guardian angel...

Daphne lets the spirit move her
Daphne, devout debunker
of the spurious supernatural,
excitedly comes
to believe in ghosts...

Sh'nar on top
Thanks to her superior riding skills,
Sh'nar needs no saddle
to mount her steed...

Sexy Sadie
Sadie lets everyone get her goat...

Tabitha's the cat's meow
Contrary to superstition,
those who cross Tabitha's path
always get lucky...

Cassie's to die for
Cassie's a VERY friendly ghost...

Zhane dressed to kill
Battle always
makes Zhane horny...

Batilda's love bites
Batilda also sucks blood...

Ari Rough
Ari's always ready to ram...

Leah in waiting
Leah loves to be filled with pride...

Dinah puts the 'ass' in 'Jurassic'
You don't want to make
Dinah sore...

Arachne loves her Love's juice]
Arachne always sucks
her lovers dry...

Caprice, the heavenly body
Caprice epitomizes horny tail...

Necrotia in waiting
Necrotia has no trouble
luring mortals
to the light at the end of her tunnel...

Mina Taur
Mina enjoys being bull-headed...

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