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The Fridge
1996 Gals
Rita tests her willpower
Rita reconsiders
her New Year's resolution...

Preening Mystery Gal
Getting ready...

Heather leaves Santa a special something
Heather hopes Santa
will fill more than her stocking...

Priscilla gives Nakoma more than thanks
After the feast,
Priscilla introduces Nakoma
to the joys of cultural exchange...

Desdemona kisses tail
Desdemona's tail
makes more than a mouth full...

Jill jumps Jack
Why Jill's giant Jack-O-Lanterns
are always smiling...

Barbi slips Ken into something more comfortable
Barbi doesn't let
Ken's lack of anatomical accuracy
spoil their dream date...

Mistress Micki
Mistress Micki wonders why
her slaves won't take her seriously...

Kelli contemplates a close encounter
Kelli discovers
the invasion won't be so bad after all...

Gloria spreads Olympic Spirit
Team France's leotard design
helps Gloria garner the gold...

Wilma waits to take her vows
Wilma's wedding dress
makes more than
a fashion statement...

Martha shines
Martha made millions
modeling for mud flaps...

Carol licks her  weight problem
Carol's craving for whipped cream
played havoc with her waistline,
until she found a fat-free,
high-protein substitute...

Rhonda rallies the troops
With rebels like Rhonda,
it's no wonder
the British were coming...

Astra manuevers her module
On long missions,
Astra occupies herself
with docking simulations...

Gaby works up a sweat
When Gaby works out,
she's not the only one
who gets pumped...

Eileen dons her protection
Eileen's liasons
are often intimidated
by the way she dresses for bed...

Megan opens wide
just can't get enough nectar...

Yuki's look could kill
Ninjas normally dress
to make themselves
invisible assassins,
but Yuki finds her outfit
actually makes the job easier...

Easter Bunni
Bunni Rabbit (no relation)
rolls out an Easter treat...
DISCLAIMER: This is not Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit is © 1988 The Walt Disney Company & Amblin Entertainment.

Robin & Randi
Robin & Randi relax
after a long, hard year...

Nancy's birthday treats
Getting older's not so bad
when Nancy plans your party...

Patty offers you a choice
Patty's been caught
a number of times,
but she's never had to give up
her pot o' gold...

Loni comes to the rescue
Whenever a party
is threatened with dullness,
mild-mannered management
consultant Loni Lake
leaps into action as SUPERFOXX!!!

Alexis sees clearly
Alexis' X-ray Specs
don't quite do what she expects...

Candy's candy
Candy's Valentine's assortment
didn't melt in her mouth,
or in her hand...

Mustang Sally
Sally prefers her passion bridled...

Fawna savors the moment
Fawna finds
her fertility clinic job
finger-lickin' good...

Buckin' Becky
Becky doesn't mind rodeo, either...

Djinnii is smokin'...
Djinnii doesn't mind
being inside her bottle,
but she REALLY enjoys it
the other way around...

Hitomi serves it hot
The success
of Hitomi's restaurant
that location isn't everything...

Tina & Toni do '96
Tina and Toni
form a different number...

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