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The Fridge
1997 Gals
Rikki cools the pounding
Rikki recovers
from a raucous New Year's Eve.

Noelle and her bag of tricks
This year,
Noelle's handling the naughty list.

Naomi's new ad campaign
sent stuffing sales skyrocketing.

Autumn's leaves are falling
Real, live leaves make Autumn's
'Deciduous Dresses'
the fall collection to watch.

Charlotte gets a handful of  Betsy's costume
After the party,
Charlotte discovers a hidden part
of Betsy's businessman costume.

Monique's bad wrap
Monique's mummy outfit
was rather sloppy,
but it didn't stop her from winning
the costume contest...

Clara prepares to examine her inner self
When Clara's therapist
suggested she "Take a long,
hard look inside" herself,
this wasn't exactly what he meant...

A traffic-stopping traffic stop
Impish Eliza
uses her powers to expose
Officers Lopez and Quinn's
concealed weaponry.

Hellatia's victory
Although few know
of legendary warrior Hellatia,
her trophy collection
immortalized the name
of her home island of Dyldos...

Bettina's bikini
Bettina's bare-look bikini
adds to the swells at the beach...

Maddy moderates
Maddy makes sure
the postings to the brand-new

group meet minimum quality requirements...

Dana and Donna dream
Dana and Donna
really should share their fantasies...

Racquel surrounded
Racquel realizes
she took a wrong turn
on her fantastic voyage...

Sh'nar on top
Thanks to her superior riding skills,
Sh'nar needs no saddle
to mount her steed...

Terri towels off
When Terri towels herself off,
she never gets dry...

Marian sets hearts a-quiver
The Men of Sherwood
have been much Merrier
since Maid Marian took over...

Daphne lets the spirit move her
Daphne, devout debunker
of the spurious supernatural,
excitedly comes
to believe in ghosts...

Guardian Anjii
You've nothing to fear
when Anjii's your guardian angel...

Davia bends over
On her 18th birthday,
Davia tries out a different sort
of spanking machine...

Annie takes aim
This year,
Annie ain't waitin' for no Cupid...

Dear Centra
Centra's ready to ride...

Shelene skin dives
Shelene has a special system for collecting certain sea-life samples...

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