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The Fridge
1998 Gals
Gilda presents...
Gilda's got her gifts
all wrapped up...

Gia & Demi's outfits cry 'Caucus!'
Gia and Demi are bi...partisan...

Cassie's to die for
Cassie's a VERY friendly ghost...

Tabitha's the cat's meow
Contrary to superstition,
those who cross Tabitha's path
always get lucky...

Deep dish Devin delivers
With her new delivery outfit
and StayHot box,
Devin enjoys bigger tips
than ever before...

Audrey's opening act
After Audrey's act,
audiences are always amazed
by how many clowns fit
into that tiny little car...

Martika rules the ring
Ringmistress Martika
has no trouble finding folks
to run off and join her circus...

Kimiko gives good direction
After suffering a string
of unsatisfying suitors,
Kimiko now comes with instructions...

Tippi makes herself scarce
For her latest covert operation,
Tippi slips into something see-through...

Syrena's XXX Exo-suit
super-sophisticated strap-on
makes her sweetheart swoon...

Fiona and her fiance
Thanks to relaxed marriage laws,
Fiona can finally wed
her one true love...

April watches her egg intake
April prepares
for the Easter Egg hunt...

Cindy rides the ragin' firehose
Cindy needs a big hose
to put out her fires...

Sexy Sadie
Sadie lets everyone get her goat...

Lana beholds her new birthday suit
Lana rather likes
this latest Transporter malfunction...

Josie wears her heart on her ...sleeve?
Josie likes to make sure
her Valentines can't
misinterpret her message...

Molly bares her polys
Molly's popularity soared
when she changed
her texture maps...

D'gal dressed to abduct
D'gal has little difficulty
recruiting for
her alien breeding program...

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