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The Fridge
1999 Gals
Michaela lures her prey
When it comes
to catching the big fish,
Michaela is a master baiter...

Batilda's love bites
Batilda also sucks blood...

Isabel puts a leg up
Isabel always stuffs herself
at Thanksgiving...

Nyala saves herself a trip to the supermarket
Nyala never thought
those "got milk?" commercials
made much sense...

Zhane dressed to kill
Battle always
makes Zhane horny...

Libby carries a torch
Lady Liberty's original design
was deemed "a little TOO French...

Xeda feels the Force flowing through her
Xeda has her own way
to lure a young apprentice
to the Dark Side...

Winona gets a full-body workout
With the amazing new ErotiCiser,
Winona works out
every chance she gets...

Stevie's ready to open up
Stevie's new G3 UnderWare
allows easy access for the addition
of 3rd party hardware
to her internal slots...

Bobbi chugs with spunk
Bobbi becomes
a Spring Break legend
by pioneering a brand-new use
of the beer bong...

Rose's fragrant bouquet
Rose's "Scent of Love" bouquets
are even popular with folks
who don't have Valentines...

Irshana puts the 'figure' back into skating
Irshana's a flashy skater...

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