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Raul's Strange Future

Hi, I'm Felice!

Back in 1995, Raul was struck by lightning and gained the uncanny ability to see -- somewhat hazily -- into the future. Recorded in these pages are his predictions of what would happen in the years ahead.

Click the links below to see what has come to pass and what has not. Also, feel free to chuckle at quaint phrases like "laser disc" (an oversized DVD, for those who don't know) which haven't survived the intervening years...

Future of 10/30/95

Future of 8/1/95

Future of 7/25/95

Future of 7/14/95

Future of 7/7/95

Future of 6/29/95

Future of 6/6/95

Future of 5/30/95

Future of 5/23/95
Future of 5/16/95

Future of 5/8/95

Future of 5/1/95

Future of 4/23/95

Future of 4/17/95

Future of 4/10/95

Future of 4/3/95

Future of 3/27/95

Note: the prediction of Chris Farley's death has been removed, as it reads as rather mean-spirited since his passing.

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