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The Fridge
Holiday Gals
Sam wants you!
Protect Samantha's
freedom of expression
(and yours too)!
Oppose the
Communications Decency Act.

Glenda rides the breeze
Glenda got tired
of always being the Good witch...

Lynette is ready to howl
When the Moon is full,
Lynette likes it doggy-style...

Ilse comes down the aisle
Fortunately for Ilse
(and her love Monster),
Dr. F. was not only a mad scientist,
but also a damn fine
cosmetic surgeon...

Lilith pours it on
Being Queen of the Damned
has a lot of perks,
but feeding her subjects
is Lilith's favorite...

Crystal gets Frosty
builds VERY accurate snowmen...

Santa's daughter Nicolette
can fill stockings, too...

Horny Rudi
likes to play reindeer games...

Charli & Nell love their train set
Charli & Nell take turns
being the damsel in distress...

Tina & Toni do '96
Tina and Toni
form a different number...

Candy's candy
Candy's Valentine's assortment
didn't melt in her mouth,
or in her hand...

Patty offers you a choice
Patty's been caught
a number of times,
but she's never had to give up
her pot o' gold...

Easter Bunni
Bunni Rabbit (no relation)
rolls out an Easter treat...
DISCLAIMER: This is not Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit is © 1988 The Walt Disney Company & Amblin Entertainment.

Rhonda rallies the troops
With rebels like Rhonda,
it's no wonder
the British were coming...

Jill jumps Jack
Why Jill's giant Jack-O-Lanterns
are always smiling...

Priscilla gives Nakoma more than thanks
After the feast,
Priscilla introduces Nakoma
to the joys of cultural exchange...

Heather leaves Santa a special something
Heather hopes Santa
will fill more than her stocking...

Rita tests her willpower
Rita reconsiders
her New Year's resolution...

Annie takes aim
This year,
Annie ain't waitin' for no Cupid...

Monique's bad wrap
Monique's mummy outfit
was rather sloppy,
but it didn't stop her from winning
the costume contest...

Charlotte gets a handful of  Betsy's costume
After the party,
Charlotte discovers a hidden part
of Betsy's businessman costume.

Naomi's new ad campaign
sent stuffing sales skyrocketing.

Noelle and her bag of tricks
This year,
Noelle's handling the naughty list.

Rikki cools the pounding
Rikki recovers
from a raucous New Year's Eve.

Josie wears her heart on her ...sleeve?
Josie likes to make sure
her Valentines can't
misinterpret her message...

April watches her egg intake
April prepares
for the Easter Egg hunt...

Tabitha's the cat's meow
Contrary to superstition,
those who cross Tabitha's path
always get lucky...

Cassie's to die for
Cassie's a VERY friendly ghost...

Gilda presents...
Gilda's got her gifts
all wrapped up...

Rose's fragrant bouquet
Rose's "Scent of Love" bouquets
are even popular with folks
who don't have Valentines...

Isabel puts a leg up
Isabel always stuffs herself
at Thanksgiving...

Batilda's love bites
Batilda also sucks blood...

Amelia immerses herself
in the New Year spirit

Dinah puts the 'ass' in 'Jurassic'
You don't want to make
Dinah sore...

Arachne loves her Love's juice]
Arachne always sucks
her lovers dry...

Necrotia in waiting
Necrotia has no trouble
luring mortals
to the light at the end of her tunnel...

Carmela and her sweet, sweet candy
Carmela completes another
of her cream-filled concoctions...

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