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NAME:  Raul Fernandez
BUST:  38AAA   WAIST:  32   HIPS:  36
HEIGHT:  6'     WEIGHT: 155
BIRTH DATE:  6-27-84  BIRTHPLACE:  Canoga Park, California

AMBITIONS:  To be paid to think.  To clean my house.

TURN ONS:  Pictures of naked women, videos of naked women, 
and scrambled cable feeds of naked women.  Oh yeah, and real
naked women.

TURN OFFS:  Big smelly hairy fat guys smoking cigars through
the stomas of their layrngectomies.

FAVORITE MUSICIANS:  John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, XTC, They
Might Be Giants, They Really Are Giants, Kill The Giants! 
Kill the Giants!!!  Me.

FAVORITE MOVIES:  All That Jazz, RoboCop, Bullets Over
Broadway, Just One of the Girls

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS:  Having my shirt mis-buttoned when 
I met Prince Charles; throwing up on the Japanese Prime 
Minister.  Wait, that was George Bush. 

IDEAL EVENING:  Watching a cage match between Leslie Abramson
 and Marcia Clark

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