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The Outpost
Man cannot live on sex alone...

Although Raul would like the opportunity to disprove the above-mentioned wisdom, we suspect that it's true. So in an effort to uplift the spirit (as opposed to the part of the body we normally try to uplift), we've asked published writer extraordinaire Robert Dall to contribute...

Robert's Serial Fiction

Set in the Southwest, "The Outpost," deals with the search for identity and courage in the face of the powerful forces which so enjoy slapping around the little guy. There will be laughter, tears, betrayal... And maybe there will even be some sex. So why not check out...

Episode 1--The Outpost

Episode 2--The Liaison

Episode 3--The Rancher's Son

Episode 4--The Mayor

Episode 5--At the Grass Roots

Episode 6--The Handler

Episode 7--The Ambush

Episode 8--Standing Down

Episode 9--What to Fight For

And the final episode...

Episode 10--Election Day

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